Ten Service Promises

Ali Law Practice promises its clients excellent service. To that end, principal attorney Tawfiq Ali makes the following promises:

Promise 1: Close Personal Attention. I promise your questions will be answered. I take each case and my clients’ welfare personally. We will do what we can to treat you the way I like to be treated when I am the client.

Promise 2: Response to Your Requests. Whenever you need something from me or my office, please don’t hesitate to call. If I am not immediately available, please leave a message. My assistant or I will handle it for you as soon as possible.

Promise 3: Confidentiality. When you hire Ali Law Practice LLC, I promise confidentiality to protect your privacy and your sensitive information and strategies. We disclose confidential information only with your permission, as necessary to achieve your objectives, or as required by law. Sadly, some lawyers and law firms do not take confidentiality seriously. We do.

Promise 4: Fair and Reasonable Fees. You are not paying for an extravagant office or enormous overhead for support staff, secretaries, and assistants. Our fees are monitored to make sure they are fair and reasonable for both of us. We promise not to charge so little that we cannot sustain the excellence in skill and service you deserve. The best lawyer-client relationship is one where both of us are happy. Let’s do what we can to make that happen.

Promise 5: Free Initial Conference. If you have a legal question or problem, you are invited to call. An attorney will initially speak with you over the telephone without charge. We only work with good clients who are committed to their goals. If for some reason you cannot cannot be accepted as a client, you may receive a referral to another trusted attorney.

Promise 6: Competent Services. The firm aims to maintain an outstanding level of knowledge in its areas of practice. Accordingly, we seek out the latest information, best training, effective techniques, and most efficient methods. At the same time, we employ the tried and true methods that have worked very well for us in the past. Our mission is to provide our clients the most effective legal protection the law allows.

Promise 7: Aggressive Representation. Most lawyers are not trial lawyers and do not litigate cases. When a conflict arises that requires court appearances, they send the case to another lawyer. I do not shy away from conflict or a justified fight that requires an experienced advocate. My experience in high-stakes disputes is precisely what helps me advocate for my clients, negotiate favorable deals, and provide sound advice.

Promise 8: Value in Every Respect. The firm’s goal is to make sure you receive value from its services that is always greater than the fee you pay. The rules of ethics do not allow me to guarantee any outcome. And I cannot guarantee that our fees will always be the cheapest. You deserve better than to hire a cheap lawyer. But if you are committed to your life and your business, I want you to receive more value from us than from any other lawyer you know. And we’ll work very hard to make sure you do.

Promise 9: Current Knowledge, Know-What, and Know-How. I stay on top of key business and legal trends to keep our services fresh. It is part of the same work ethic and hard work that gave me the chance to be educated at some of the best-known schools and to be trained at some renowned law firms. My commitment is to not let that experience go to waste–so I use it to help clients who deserve excellent skill and service.

Promise 10: More Value Than You Expect. I work very hard, but I am not psychic. If you think of some way we can provide you better service, please tell me. If something about your situation is bothering you, please tell me. If I can help you, I will; or, I may know someone who can. To be your trusted lawyer, all your problems matter to me, not just legal ones. I want to see you thrive completely, in every way that matters to you. Life is too short, so don’t wait to get the help you need and deserve.

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