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VIP Business Builder Programs

We will design and carry out a plan to plug the legal leaks in your business and, from legal standpoint, protect your business and capitalize on your opportunities to make more money.

Which of these best describes you?

You need a powerful business plan with a great idea that keeps you up at night. And you need to be committed to your own success. But how far can a ship go if it has huge holes right from the beginning? It won’t go far. It will sink. We need to put the right structures and safety nets in place so that you protect yourself and prepare to optimize your profit. Then we need to establish your “storefront” in a way that protects you legally while creating and maintaining your credibility in the market. Big “Goliath” businesses have teams of lawyers on their staff because questions arise every day. Smaller businesses often fail because they can’t seize opportunities quickly enough. Will you let your opportunities pass you by, or, will you have your own smart advisor when questions arise? If you meet our requirements, we will consider you for a VIP Program to help you succeed. Sign up below.

Almost certainly what is happening is that there are tight nooses in your business that are killing your energy and speed, and along with it your spirit. We need to help you find your freedom before it’s too late. You aren’t fully leveraging your business relationships and employees because you don’t have full confidence in your procedures, policies, and agreements. You are negotiating unfavorable deals because you have no one advising you. Some of your deals are going bad and you have no credible way to enforce them. You need processes and legal frameworks in place to quickly and profitably add members, joint venturers, independent contractors, financing, and employees so that you can leverage time, talent, and money to increase your cash flow. You need to protect and grow your most valuable assets in today’s economy: your brand, reputation, trade secrets, proprietary processes, and intellectual property. Every successful business has them. Are you leveraging and protecting yours? There are too many demands on your attention and too many fires that you have to personally put out. Worse, nobody is looking out for you in ways you haven’t even thought of yet. If you meet our requirements, perhaps we can help you. But you must be committed to getting on track to take your business to the next level. Sign up below to be considered.

You are already doing a lot of things right, so you know that talent and dedication (like your own) is extremely valuable. And you know that your time is much better spent focusing on making money and letting a trusted advisor focus on the legal nonsense. It still doesn’t make sense for you to have several full-time in-house lawyers on your staff. But you have so many transactions and opportunities every month that you need a legal advisor to help you manage and maintain your legal position in your expanding enterprise. This is the time to possibly pursue more complex ventures and agreements to really collect on hidden opportunities most small businesses could never obtain. But you also must be vigilant for attacks on your brand and safeguard your wealth. They will fire from all angles. You must be prepared. As you plan to expand, this is the time to get all your ducks in a row. Make sure your employment agreements and policies are solid. Make sure your executives and directors are in compliance. Make sure all your standing contracts are accounted and have them reviewed every quarter to maintain your advantage. If they aren’t working for you, look to renegotiate. Make sure your website is fully compliant. Fully secure your trade secrets, trademarks, intellectual property, and most valuable assets. Finally, make sure all your corporate forms and records are intact. This would be a terrible time to find out that you live in a house of cards that offers you little or no corporate protection. You may have a lot to gain from our most elite VIP Programs. Sign up below to let us consider you.

Our VIP Business Builder Programs are not for the faint of heart. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, we only want to work with businesses and entrepreneurs who think big when it comes to consciously creating wealth. Yes, you must want to serve your clients and customers well. But you must also be committed to deflecting attacks on your time, reputation, and money to achieve your most important goals.

If you are not committed, please do not apply. But if you qualify, then we will deploy our resources to proactively strengthen and help you make more money.

Your business may be in serious danger if the following are not in place:

  •  An LLC, partnership, or corporation strategy that protects the owners and their families from law suits and liabilities while avoiding unnecessary double taxation.
  •  Annual filings, bylaws, minutes, and corporate records designed to prevent your legal shield from crumbling when you are under attack.
  •  Contracts and agreements that allow you to maximize profit from your business relationships while protecting you. Plus a credible way to enforce them because you have a relationship with a lawyer experienced in multimillion dollar high-stakes disputes.
  • Trademarks and service marks that protect your reputation against those who might steal your money-making brand.
  • Safeguarded trade secrets to keep your competitors from accessing your customer lists and confidential information that make your business thrive.
  • Copyrights that protect your most valuable written and assets and assure that you own what you think you own.
  • Employment and contractor policies that protect you from liability and from workers who are harming your business, while at the same time leveraging your team to increase your profits.
  • Record keeping and retention policies to make sure you have the ammunition you need when a dispute arises–not to mention, to make your business run smoothly and protect your key data.
  • A website strategy that protects your virtual storefront to the world against legal claims that could tarnish your reputation and bottom line.
  • A relationship with a chief legal advisor whom you can access every time a you have to make a business decision that could have serious legal consequences.
  • A relationship with a law firm that is aligned with your interests and wants to see your business go the distance.

One reason huge “Goliath” companies can often steamroll over smaller players is that they have teams of lawyers advising them every day. If you aren’t Goliath (yet), we suggest you immediately find a way to help level the playing field.

To beat your competition, look for a trusted legal advisor to guide you throughout the life of your business.

Based on the current stage of your business, we can design and recommend a plan that will work for you. Your input is a predictable, affordable monthly investment.

Every VIP Business Builder plan includes (at no additional charge) legal counseling and advice every month at no extra cost. You can think of us as your “outside general counsel” — where you should turn first to help protect your legal position any time you have a question.

But remember, we only want clients who are thinking big and are committed to consciously and responsibly creating wealth. Again, if this is not you, please do not ask to be a VIP Business Builder client. Your time and our time is valuable; let’s not waste it. But if you are committed, a VIP Program might be right. Contact us so that we can consider you.

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