Reasons Clients and Colleagues Trust Ali Law Practice to Represent Businesses

Reason #1: Strategic Approach to Solving Difficult Problems and Advocating for Clients.

Every important step we take is based on a good reason that a lawyer will discuss with you personally.

Reason #2: Mastery in Legal Writing.

A critical, but rare, skill in any lawyer is excellence in writing. Think Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, and you are only half way there. Powerful legal writing enhances credibility and persuasion, while staying clear and concise. Why would any judge (or client) ever demand anything less?

Reason #3: Excellence in Oral Advocacy.

I am a trained advocate. I learned from outstanding lawyers at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop, and the Kirkland Institute of Trial Advocacy. I have faced opposing parties, argued in court and in arbitration in tough cases with success. You might hear some war stories, but I will never breach any client’s confidentiality.

Reason #4: High-Stakes Business Law Experience.

I have worked at renowned firms on cases worth millions of dollars and with often a lot more at stake. Details mattered, and each could have huge consequences. My Fortune 500 clients demanded quality and skill, and paid a lot of money to get it. But I wanted to help smaller and growth businesses. That is why my firm is dedicated to bringing the same quality and skill to the work it does for you.

Reason #5: Business Law Focus.

Since the beginning of my career, I have focused on providing sophisticated advice and advocacy to businesses.

Reason #6: Admissions.

I am admitted to practice in the State of Illinois and in federal courts such as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Northern District of Illinois, and Central District of Illinois. Under appropriate rules, I have also helped clients in matters pending in several courts in other states, including New York, California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Oregon.

Reason #7: Memberships and Committees.

I have been a member of the American Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, and Chicago Bar Association. I have been appointed to the Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Professional Conduct, which provides advisory opinions to attorneys across the state and beyond.

Reason #8: Special Training.

I received my degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and savored everything I learned there to help my clients. I was intensively trained for two years at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. Then, I worked at two prominent Chicago law firms where I really honed my skills and gained the trust of my colleagues on very high-stakes business cases. I have been very fortunate; only a small fraction of lawyers can claim the same training and experience. My clients get to take advantage of it.

Reason #9: Client Communication.

The cornerstone of my success has been the quality of my relationships with clients and my care in handling sensitive and complex cases. My focus is to listen and communicate with my clients to better understand their needs and provide the best possible representation.

Reason #10: Taking it Personally.

My friends might tell you a secret – I tend to work harder for my clients than I do for myself, and that is a big reason for our success.

Reason #11: Free Consultation.

My firm offers a free consultation and will gladly talk with you about your dispute and how to protect your business and make it grow.

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