Tawfiq Ali to Speak at Solo and Small Law Firm Event

Special thanks to the Indian American Bar Association of Chicago and The Barrelhouse Flat, who are sponsoring a special event for solo and small law firms.

The event is on April 17, 2013, at The Barrelhouse Flat located at 2624 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. It begins at 6:00pm.

Organizers for the event include Dhenu Savla of SwagatUSA and Himani Bhardwaj of HBM Law Offices, LLC.

Tawfiq Ali, Principal Attorney of Ali Law Practice LLC, will be leading a discussion entitled, “How to Make and Receive High Quality Attorney Referrals.”

“I believe that the process of making a quality referral is all too often overlooked by even thoughtful attorneys,” Ali says. “But when we get it right, we serve our clients and friends in the best way possible.”

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